New Youtube video available and some website layout changes

I have released a new Youtube video. See it here:

Video’s name: Correcting Linux system time

Description: “In this video I am going to show you how you can change your Linux system time back to correct one if it has been set incorrectly, for example, by the system setup. Usually the issues with “wrong time” occur with UEFI Bios computers (Windows 8+ computers and later).”

Also, I have now organized the website layout a bit. There is now a new combined section titled as Gallery & Themes, which holds everything from the old entries that were Gallery and Themes and add-ons.  There is also a new entry titled as Front page, which will always take you to Techtimejourney’s main page. The layout changes were needed since there will be some new stuff coming in the future.

Stay great and have a fantastic weekend.

PostX 0.3. repository is Online with upgrades

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3. series repository is Online now.

Note. During apt-get update you will get error saying something like:

Cannot fetch; remote end closed connection.

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. The error is because there is no translation files on my repository and thus apt-get complains. The error is non-fatal and repository should work normally – so no worries.

How to apply all changes: Continue reading “PostX 0.3. repository is Online with upgrades”

Slim display manager themes

All themes are made by me (JJ Posti) and released under GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 dated June, 1991. If you need help applying the themes see here:

Slim nthemes series (upgraded 19th of January: PostX 0.3 current default)

slim display manager theme, slim dm themes
Theme name: First
Download as a zip


slim display manager themes, slim dm themes
Theme name:Offset  Download as a zip

Continue reading “Slim display manager themes”

How to change Slim display manager theme

Slim display manager is a great peace of software. Below, is a tutorial how to apply themes to it. Proceed with caution. If you do not know what you are doing look help before continuing. Otherwise you might break something you do not  want to.

Note. Users of PostX Gnu/Linux will only need to take steps 6 and 7 if they want to change to another slim-ntheme (slim nthemes are already installed) which should take about 3 minutes. Also, in PostX it is good enough if you just exit the desktop to apply changes. Continue reading “How to change Slim display manager theme”

Quick Tip: Change themes on Linux systems

While I am still doing final upgrades and additions for the PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3 repository – and final checkups as well – here is a quick tip on changing themes on pretty much all current Linux systems.

If you use Openboox, Fluxbox, Jwm or anything else lightweight install lxappearance: sudo apt-get install lxappearance

If you install modern Gtk3 themes then do not be amazed if the new theme might not show up as expected. Gtk3 themes are sometimes moving targets and as such require new theme engines.  Occasionally, the previous  leads to the scenario where theme x does not find the requirements it needs to function correctly. Gtk2 themes however usually work as expected since the theme engines required are older – and thus usually found within pretty much every current Linux distribution. There is no clear way to say if a theme x will work on system y. The best practice is to try it out and see. If the theme fails because it needs a newer theme engine then one way to patch the issue is to compile the engine from source. See this post if you want to compile a Debian package from source:

GTK3 Tip.

You can also use a tool called gnome-tweak-tool if you wish. The tool itself is Gtk3 related and does not serve user well under Gtk2. As far as I can tell Lxappearance is the best tool for simple theme changing – unless you do not want to do it manually by yourself.