Changing Firefox language

You might have an English only Firefox installed within your system and the question then occurs: How to change the language? The notes presented below should work somewhat universally among different systems using Firefox. Continue reading

Wlan setup program (Wpa2-Wpa-PSK): Debian family

While my previously released Compendiaria included Wlan setup it proved to be troublesome under Debian family. The troubles were due to the reason that I designed Compendiaria when I was using Arch/Gentoo systems. As Debian is quite different from those two here is a Wlan setup program that was designed for Debian family. Continue reading

How to use multiple screens on lightweight desktops: Arandr and Xrandr

This  time the post comes as a PDF file so that any unneeded marking errors could be avoided. The topic of today is about using multiple screens on lightweight desktops. How to use multiple screens on lightweight desktops: Arandr and Xrandr.pdf

Getting rid of history

One of the most common things happening when a computer is being used for a long time is that there tends to be various logs and extra files, which remain anything but useful. Given the previous, it is sometimes in place to purge some historical records and throw  those residuals out from the system altogether.  Here are some cleaning techniques for Linux boxes. Continue reading