RunIT-QT 0.5 & Vol2x-QT5 released

Two new and interesting releases today. RunIT-QT upgrades to 0.5. and Vol2x upgrades to QT5.

RunIT-QT has gone through code cleanup and now it uses only the modules it needs. Both, have a new outlook and they come with icons also. I used Adwaita icons and I compiled them directly to python files. The previous makes installation and upgrading easier – since importing from other files is non-existent. Also, there is plenty of new code: Vol2x-QT5 and RunIT-QT 0.5 each have well over 1000 lines.

runit browser, techtimejourney browser, techtimejourney programs
RunIT-QT 0.5 brings outlook and usability upgrades.
pulseaduio sound, linux sound programs, linux volume management
Vol2X upgrades to QT. Usability is improved.

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New distribution planned and Git and Scrum coming soon

I am currently planning on making another distribution which will likely end up being Gentoo based.  Before things get started with the the distribution develepment I would like to annouce two upcoming features.

PostX Gnu/Linux will continue as Debian based. To make the development easier to follow,  I will be setting up Scrum with tickets. Scrum will give you an idea of the timetable and features, which will end up to the next version of PostX Gnu/Linux. Continue reading “New distribution planned and Git and Scrum coming soon”