BSDs and Linuxes: a matter of taste (and hardware)

Imagine this: You have a new computer. You are considering a Linux operation system as your main os. Then again, you have also heard that BSD distributions are viable as well. Here are the five things you should consider when you are making your os choice. Note that this is a checklist that I would use. Depending on your needs there might be something else worth considering.

1. How much time do you have?

You might be a seasoned veteran with BSDs and many Linuxes. Then again if you are not, then you should really make sure that you have enough time in your hands to learn the tricks of a new operation system. Learning BSDs or Linuxes can be hard or easy. It really depends on what your goals are. If you take something along the lines of Debian or Fedora then it is a lot less time consuming thanĀ  installing the Gentoo Linux. Likewise, Freebsd setup and install can be easy and fast if you go and choose the binary route. However, if you build everything from source with ports then it will obviously be more time consuming. Continue reading “BSDs and Linuxes: a matter of taste (and hardware)”

Vol2x: volume control application released

Here is a new Pulseaudio volume control application for you to enjoy.

Let’s start with a license and a screenshot.

Vol2x Copyright (c) 2016 JJ Posti <>
Vol2x is a Pulseaudio sound changing program.The program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
for details see:
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
GPL Version 2, June 1991.
volume control linux, puiseaudio volume control

The program has been done with Python and QT. So, if you use desktop which relies on GTK2/3 make sure to install qt4-qtconfig.

qtconfig. qtconfig-qt4
With Qtconfig you can make sure that the outlook is balanced between QT and GTK+ applications. I recommend using Clearlooks theme. Remember to save changes before exiting Qtconfig.

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Comparing Yocto and Buildroot – and announcing plans to make a new project

So, I haveĀ  a Raspberry Pi. I have used quite many different distributions with it but now I have decided to do something of my own. I decided to go all the way to the source this time and as I write this my system is building an embedded image for Raspberry Pi with Buildroot. I also tested Yocto project once again but ended up using Buildroot instead. Below are the reasons why.
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