Five private search engines worth looking at

These days it seems to be all about collecting data. Pretty much everybody does it. If you value your privacy then this post is for you. Personally, I love things related to computer security and here are my top five picks for the best secure search engines of 2017.  The order is based upon my personal preferences. All of these seach engines are really good and should deliver very well.

Disclaimer. This post is based purely upon my own opinions. I have no relation to any search engine or a third party that might influence my viewpoints.

1. Privatelee:

This search engine does not offer fancy graphics. It is very good though: what it lacks in looks it delivers in functionality. This is my current personal favorite. Loads up really fast too.

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RunIT-QT added to Python programs

RunIT-QT (PostX 0.4.1 default browser) is added to Python programs.

RunIT-Qt browser.

#RunIT-QT Browser Copyright (c) 2015 JJ Posti <>
#for details see:
#This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
#GPL Version 2, June 1991
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When the display dies and talk about screen burning.

In the old days it used to be a common standard that you would use a screensaver to protect your display from image burning. Image burning is a phenomenon where your screen would stay still too long and the image in it would get burned to the screen permanently. Nowadays, image burning can certainly still happen but it is rare since the technology behind our screen has developed so much since the 1990’s. Continue reading “When the display dies and talk about screen burning.”

PostX Gnu/Linux release status

Latest is: 0.4.1 release Older, but still supported upgrades: 0.4 release

Current release notes.

Release notes January 3rd 2017 edit: I had written echi=off to the 0.4 original release notes, which is wrong. It should be edd=off. Edd stands for Enhanced disk drive. Apologies for the mistake. Use edd=off in the case that the boot to live-environment hangs and does not continue. Now, the entry should also be correct within the original release notes.

Package repositories:

Apt-get repository is online (0.4.1 version)

Sources are online (0.4.1 version)