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PostX repository: Remote end closed connection explained

If you get something like below:

Ign http://techtimejourney.net audax/main Translation-en
W: Failed to fetch http://techtimejourney.net/audax-initial/dists/audax/main/i18n/Translation-en_GB Error reading from server. Remote end closed connectionE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

It means repository failed to sync completely like the system expected. This is an issue, which might be related to the configurations coming from my service provider or then it might just be an issue relating to Debian base. In any case, the issue is not fatal and sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get install commands should still work with PostX repositories. What actually happens is that only some non-essential translation files fail to load correctly. You could also wait some time and try apt-get update again – since the fetching of translation files does not always fail. Regardless of the solution, both ways of doing things should work just fine.

Chromium browser and Fluxbox (fixing the empty window issue)

When you press the minimize button and then return to Chromium from a minimized state you might encounter the issue described below.

Chromium is minimized.

Chromium is minimized.


When Chromium is brought back from the minimized state it might show up like this.

When Chromium is brought back from the minimized state it might show up like this.


Reason: The Chromium window is returned to an unmaximized state and Fluxbox does not know how to handle it correctly with Chromium. The solution is simple: Press the maximize button and your window should show up correctly again.screen2




PostX 0.2.5 released (Was Audax Gnu/Linux)

PostX Gnu/Linux is finally here. The name has changed along with many other things. Even when things took way longer than I originally expected I am very pleased to anounce this release since it serves as a clear pathway towards things to come. Currently, this is likely to be the last major release with Debian Wheezy base. However, as the shift to Jessie base gradually happens I will continue to maintain the Wheezy base as well by adding minor fixes. Now, go ahead and enjoy PostX 0.2.5, which still has a long time to go before EOL since Debian Wheezy will be LTS release like its predecessor.

Head over to PostX info page for further info and download link


PostX Gnu/Linux v.0.2.5 changelogs


– Distribution name change: From Audax Gnu/Linux to PostX Gnu/Linux

The Audax part will act as an identifier pointing to Linux base (Currently Debian).The name change was partially because audax is quite commonly used name and having a bit more originality does not hurt. The biggest reason for the name change was however the fact that the system is getting ready to move towards new directions, which were originally out of scope when I started this project. Read more →


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