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PostX 0.3 first beta release date and timetable

As I am currently working towards making the next PostX release, which will have some extensive changes, I am pleased to announce that the first beta release will become available on Monday 31st of August. Before the given date I will try to push all the remaining things, which came with the previous PostX version, to my website for a larger public. I will also do some updates to the PostX 0.2.5 base, which will include at least:

A more recent kernel, a more recent audax-programs package and possibly some artwork tune-ups. The plan is to do a more robust kernel, which will be included to both PostX 0.2.5 and 0.3 versions. The audax-programs package will also continue be as identical as possible between the releases. Also, the plan is to continue maintaining a more active approach to kernel building once PostX 0.3. is released. I will try to find time during the next weekend to build a new kernel, which I will then push to both current and beta repositories of PostX

The schedule looks like this now. Read more →

Wall selector (GPL)

Here is a program I created some time ago. You will need to have zenity and feh installed in order to use it. The program also assumes that you start your system with startx or a dm like Slim, which uses .xinitrc file to startup desktop and programs alike.

Below you will see a list of screenshots, which will clarify how to use the program


Copy the program to /usr/share and run it with the command above.

Copy the program to /usr/share and run it within a terminal using the command above. You can change the location path but then you also need to tweak some lines within the program (this is easily achieved).

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Integrated graphics card and PCI graphics card: the problem of dual output

My summer break is over and it is time to return to the awesome world of Unix systems. Today, I am going to talk about an annoying problem which I faced with the new UEFI Bios a while back: the problem of dual output.

Why is dual output a problem? Well if you happen to have a computer, which supports simultaneous outputs (meaning: bios lets you choose to use both graphics card outputs at same time) you will more than likely encounter a notorious Xserver crashing issue, which prevents you from getting to your desktop altogether. Read more →


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