Audax sound selector program released


Recently I have been in a quite a hurry but now it is time to return to the wonderful world of Linux once again. Here is one of my recent makings titled as Audax sound selector. The program works within a command line a.k.a. terminal client.  Its sole purpose is to ease the selection of sound cards if you have multiple devices. For example: In the year 2007 I used to have a Soundblaster card along with an integrated Intel sound card inside my computer. Continue reading

Lenovo Ideapad G50-30 and others alike in Linux

Recently, I had a chance to setup Linux to Lenovo Ideapad laptop. While the machine itself is of great value there are few difficulties when it comes to actually enabling its every function. The Ideapad I got my hands on did not have any switches, which would enable or disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When Linux was installed it also came to be that the left mouse button was disabled (not working at all). All these problems were easy to fix and in this post I will walk you through the whole process, which helped me to get the most of the great Ideapad laptop. The steps below are done as root user (su root) or as a sudo user (sudo su). Use sudo or root depending on your system’s setup (meaning: root might be disabled and sudo might be enabled or vice versa. To complete the steps below, you can use any terminal client of your choice (xterm. terminator, gnome-terminal…)

Continue reading

Changing Firefox language

You might have an English only Firefox installed within your system and the question then occurs: How to change the language? The notes presented below should work somewhat universally among different systems using Firefox. Continue reading


Wlan setup program (Wpa2-Wpa-PSK): Debian family

While my previously released Compendiaria included Wlan setup it proved to be troublesome under Debian family. The troubles were due to the reason that I designed Compendiaria when I was using Arch/Gentoo systems. As Debian is quite different from those two here is a Wlan setup program that was designed for Debian family. Continue reading