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PostX Gnu/Linux package upgrade

There will be a package upgrade coming for PostX Gnu/Linux. The upgrade takes place during the 31st of August. At least, the following programs will appear upgraded:

Runner-QT (to version 3.0.1).

Vol2X-Reloaded(to version 2.0.1).

Power Manager-QT(to version 6).

Very likely to appear(but not completely certain): Continue reading

PostX Gnu/Linux news

PostX Gnu/Linux v. 0.4.4 will arrive within few weeks. It will be still based upon DebIan Jessie. The upgrade will include all the current PostX Gnu/Linux programs. There will also be some new entries. Vlc will return as Veritas Player.  I wrote Vertitas Player to be a Gui for Vlc. Coding has been done with Python. So far, things look good and stable.  The Kernel will also receive an upgrade. I have compiled a 4.9.30 version with a better Wi-Fi and driver support. Currently I am testing the stability of everything. The repositories will likely receive upgrades by the end of this week.

And here is a screenshot of Vertias Player.

vlc guis, vlc gui, vlc media player gui

Veritas Player is a Gtk3 Gui that will require (at least) vlc-nox package. The design will remain lightweight.

New programs coming and some other news

For some time, I have been wanting to write Crosslinker FM for QT5. The previous is now being done and a new pure QT5 file manager named as Sequence FM will arrive very soon. Sequence FM will introduce many upgrades/features and it will be very fast. For Sequence FM I chose a more traditional approach when it came to the interface. In other words, you should be able to get used to it easily. I am still coding features, which meansĀ  that the complete list will be revealed upon release.

The second newcomer is HTML-GTK Player, which means that HTML5 playback will be enabled easily for Youtube and Dailymotion – and there will be no longer a need to use Flash. Continue reading