Runner-QT version 8 released

Runner-QT is a simple Python application that presents a graphical user interface to execute commands or launch applications on a Linux system. The program is built using the PyQt5 framework and provides a minimalistic, modern interface for entering commands or application names.

Version 8 brings new outlook and error handling capabilities – if the program is not found.



Simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
Checks for the existence of a program before trying to execute it.
Provides error messages to the user if a command fails or if the program doesn't exist.
Modern and stylish look.
Can be easily closed using the Escape key with traditional way of pressing the close button.
Automatically closes if a program is found and executed by the system.

Code and instructions are available on Github:

Quick Terminal v.1 is released

Another component of the upcoming PostX Gnu/Linux version is released. This modernized version of Quick Terminal has notable changes within its release. For example:

- Adding: Tabs.
- Adding embedded CSS.
- Adding new styling.
- Adding drag and drop support.
- Fixing Gtk3 deprecation errors.
- Adding consistent warning dialogs,to prevent accidental closing.
- Adding line numbering.

The code and instructions are found from Github:

Metapad text-editor upgrades to version 2.0

Metapad is the next component of the upcoming PostX Gnu/Linux release (TBA) to get upgrades.


  • Line Numbers: Clearly visualized line numbers next to your text.
  • Toolbar: A toolbar for quick actions such as undo, redo, save, open, print, and font selection.
  • Styling: Custom styling for the editor and the application, done via CSS styling. Icons are from Adwaita icons theme. Without icons a button with a text will be shown.
  • Font Change: Quickly change the font of the selected text.
  • Open/Save Dialog: Intuitive dialogs for opening and saving your files.
  • Printing: A print preview and printing capability.
  • Protection: Before closing or opening new files, a warning is given if there are unsaved changes.

The code is available on Github: