Coding and attitude

A little time ago I was asked a question about web designing. A person wanted to know how is it possible to start to learn web designing. Below, is my answer to the question. As you will see, it relates more to attitude than to a practical de facto approach one should take. In the end, I believe that achieving the right kind of attitude plays a very important role when it comes to learning anything IT related.

1. Be ready to update after an update. It usually happens that once you fix something, you find yourself already fixing something else. This is normal when designing web pages. It might sound frustrating to do fix upon fix but in the end it is very much the opposite. When you see the content maturing well it can be very uplifting.

2.Be ready to take critique. Live and learn is the best way to go when it comes to web designing. So, if you get feedback then endorse it and learn from it. However, always remember that feedback is a totally different thing than being malicious. You are getting feedback when you really feel that you can learn from it. Being malicious is exactly the opposite: You learn nothing from it – and it can really destroy your good mood at worst.

3. Google or any other search engine is your friend. Learn the art of asking the right questions from any search engine. When you are puzzled start looking for an answer right away. It usually happens that you will eventually find what you are looking for. Sometimes, it is take more than you were initially thinking and you might get frustrated. However, you should keep in mind that every time you ask a question you will also get an answer. It is not unheard of that even the most seemingly wrong answers to a certain question might lead to a new and improved understanding.

4. Remember to take breaks when needed. The worst thing you can do when learning something new is to try to force it – and web designing is no exception. It can be quite harmful if you are investing too much energy and time to learn web designing (or any other thing). Always make sure that you do not push yourself to the extreme. Don’t get me wrong: There is nothing wrong about doing the things you like. On the other hand, even the most interesting thing can backfire if you do it too much. My advice is this: Make a time schedule for coding and follow it. Especially when you are starting something new, a well-planned schedule can really help you to maintain interest.

The above items are something that should get you going well. You can obviously use the four mentioned items in other stuff as well. One more thing of a crucial importance that should be pointed out is the following: Whatever you do learn to love it but do not love the things you have done. With the previous I mean that whatever you do, stay humble and be ready to admit your mistakes and learn from them in order to become a better developer.