A small status update

I have just added two new wallpapers to Creative commons gallery. The first one is melt:

https://www.techtimejourney.net/page-5/melt/ And the second one is wood_wall:


Next week will be all about Fixing PostX 0.3. beta. The repository will also be all-online. The reason why I did not push it online initially along with the beta iso was due to the fact that I felt I needed to solve some repository related issues and some programming/compilation things before I could do that. I have decided that along with the repository I will also push the first metapackage to PostX 0.3. which will be designed to fix some annoyances I have found ever since I released the first beta image. I will certainly have a busy week but I would suspect that the PostX 0.3 fixes will be online no later than next Sunday. Until then enjoy the new wallpapers and go and drop a comment to my deviantart page if you like them (and would like to see more art done with the similar style).