You have arrived to Techtimejourney which is a Unix and Linux oriented website. From Techtimejourney you shall find various section with interesting content. Techtimejourney seeks to achieve the principels of experimenting and optimization as the main guidelines by which the content is to be build upon. As I am very interested in tweaking and performing all sorts of optimizations on desktops and systems it was once an easy decision to build Techtimejourney around the ideas of experimenting and optimization.

As years have passed the content of Techtimejourney has become wider. What was once only about guides has been additioned with graphics, programs and other forms of content, which have become more than I originally aspired. Today, Techtimejourney continues its mission to deliver quality content and in the future more interesting developments will certainly follow.

JJ Posti

The creator and maintainer of Techtimejourney is JJ Posti.He develops his skills on many things but remains enthusiastic towards technology.


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