Albix Player

19th of June 2017: Abix Player v.2.1. has arrived. Get it  here.

Here is the music player I released together with PostX 0.4.2. Albix Player is written with Python and QT4.

#Albix Player Copyright (c) 2017 JJ Posti <>
#Albix Player comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
#for details see:
#This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
#GPL Version 2, June 1991″)



The packages below (or similar) might be needed to get installed if the above packages do not pull them as dependencies (for some odd reason):

python  #This should get pulled automatically when installing python-qt4.
python3 #This should get pulled automatically when installing python-qt4.

linux musc player, linux pygame, linux pygame music

Albix Player’s main window


–  Jump to a position
– Add multiple songs to to the list.
– Remove a selected song from  the playlist.
– Toggle Pause/Play.
– Stop playback.

To play a song click it.

Currently this player plays one song at the time. In the future I will add a feature to play the full  playlist.

Download Albix Player (as a zip)

To run the program

Open terminal and do: python

If you need to make the file executable: chmod +x