Appendix: Audax live-mode and duplicate network lines

Looking for the network configuration guide of Audax 0.2? Go here first

Just noticed a small issue, which only concerns the live-cd mode of Audax 0.2 and remains obsolete when the system is installed.

It seems that Debian live-builder duplicates some network lines when entering the live-mode.

The /etc/network/interfaces has (at least) these lines twice:

auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Remove all the duplicates if needed. The scenario where you actually need to  remove the duplicate lines happens when you use interfaces other than eth0. Audax 0.2 should automatically handle eth0 configuration correctly.

To remove duplicate lines open a terminal client and edit network file, for example with geany:

geany sudo /etc/network/interfaces

Save the file when you are done and restart your network with:

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Stricktly speaking only the above command could be enough but we play it safe and add the ones below as well.

sudo ifdown eth1
sudo ifup eth1

Now, our network card, which is called eth1, in our above example should be up and running.


If you have absolutely no idea what is your network card’s name then open a terminal client and type:

sudo iwconfig

The results should be similar to below (where eth1 is the wired network card we are looking for):
lo        no wireless extensions.

eth1      no wireless extensions.

iwconfig is usually used when configuring wireless cards but the command can also be used to figure out wired card locations – like above.