Audax 0.1.4 coming on Friday 27th of February

As I write this Audax 0.1.4. is done and ready. The delay was due to some significant problems with Debian installer. As Debian installer continued to cause headaches (as it kept on crashing), I decided to port Linux Mint’s installer to Audax.

Audax 0.1.4. will be 504 megabytes of size. Even when the size actually dropped about 100 megabytes from 0.1.3. that does not mean that features were compromised at all. Audax 0.1.4. includes for example:

*Linux kernel 3.14.33, which is optimized for old machines.

* Sysmanager2: a multifunctional gui program for basic system tasks.

* Wlansetup: a cli wlansetup program that is as lightweight as possible.

* Wallselector: a gui wallpaper selection program, which I made after getting tired of Nitrogen.

* All new wallpaper set, which integrates shortkey instructions. By default Conky is removed since it caused problems previously.

* Sound selector program (Alsa), which also ships with an ability to play HDMI sound via display.

* A new Slim display manager theme Vertigo.

*Abiword, Gnumeric, Geany, Vlc, Firefox, Filezilla, Ircii, Ekiga, Transmission etc.  are available as well. Abiword is now behaving better as Audax kernel seems to solve the flickering issues Abiword had some time ago.

Audax 0.1.4 also continues to have a live cd feature alongside the installer – like before. Finally, here is a screenshot from the default desktop outlook (Fluxbox):