Audax and wallpapers

Just to clarify some confusions, here is a description about the currently available wallpapers within Audax repository:

deb audax main

audax-labeled (A labeled version of Audax wallpapers. The current 0.2. default)

audax-wallpapers (The old default wallpaper set, which contains no integrated shortkeys, like audax-labeled)

calmwaters-wallpapers (An extra wallpaper set, which is also label free.)


You can install all wallpapers by doing the following within a terminal client:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install calmwaters-wallpapers audax-labeled audax-wallpapers

Alternatively, you could also use Synaptic package manager (By pressing Windows+m or gksudo synaptic)

Audax-.labeled will have all wallpapers within /usr/share/audax-labeled directory.

Audax-wallpapers and calmwaters wallpapers will have all wallpapers within /usr/share/audax-wallpapers directory.


Tip. If you use two or more displays you might want to consider installing calmwaters-wallpapers or audax-wallpapers in order to get entirely label free backgrounds. If you do wish to keep using the audax-labeled wallpapers then consider adjusting your screen configuration to become vertical. With vertical settings you could possibly (but not always) avoid wallpaper stretching issues.