Audax news

As Debian Jessie just got released I decided to do something exciting with Audax: create two versions of it.

The current branch of Audax, which is now 0.2. will be the so called LTS branch, which will stay with Debian Wheezy. Currently, I am cleaning things up and my plan is to push every single fix I have made during the last few months to a new version of Audax 0.2 branch, which will have a version number of 0.2.5. The version numbering was chosen because there are quite many improvements coming along with some nice interface tune-ups.

After the 0.2.5 version is released the future of Audax continues as follows:

Audax 0.2.5. branch remains on Debian Wheezy base and uses Fluxbox as its main window manager.

Audax 0.3. branch will be using Debian Jessie base and pekwm as a main window manager and shall have some different design choices and characteristics than 0.2 branch.

As of today Audax 0.3. is still under development and I am currently planning and thinking what I want to shape it to be. Regardless of what Audax 0.3 will be, I will continue to support and maintain the Audax 0.2. branch as long as Debian Wheezy is officially supported by the Debian project.

And finally, here is a screenshot from the soon to be ready version of Audax (0.2.5.)