Audax-rocks (a Fluxbox theme and a wallpaper)

The theme is Gpl.  The theme comes with a wallpaper: audax-rocks, which you can also get from my  Gpl gallery.

If you like my themes do give some feedback via Deviantart, Box-look or my website Thank you.

Screenshots (Click a picture to make it appear larger)

How to install the theme

To install the theme extract the theme archive below to .fluxbox/styles/ folder structure.

audax-rocks theme archive (zip)

Note. The theme archive contains the wallpaper. You do not need to download it independently.

You can also put the theme to /usr/share/fluxbox/styles.

If you choose to use /usr/share/fluxbox/styles then you must point the location of the wallpaper manually by using feh or nitrogen (or something else). Alternatively, you could change the wallpaper path of the theme. To do this look for a line: background.pixmap . The line is to be found within the theme.cfg file of the theme.

Further notes: In the case of Fluxbox it is recommended to install feh.

To enable pseudo-transparency to make things appear as they were on the above screenshots see: