Customize Openbox root menu (the right click menu)

If you are using Openbox  you will propably want to customize the right click root menu during some point of your usage. To do so use the following procedure:.

Go to /etc/xdg/openbox folder.  Copy a file called menu.xml from there and move it to the a .config/openbox  hidden folder structure located inside your user’s home directory (Shortcut to show the hidden files is usually CTRL h key combination)

Now you should have the basic openbox root menu configuration file located at /home/your_user_name/.config/openbox/menu.xml

You can start customizing the menu file. Do remember that the menu.xml is very sensitive to formatting errors, so be cautious when tweaking it.

Hint. If you want to have a  “Debian” menu as a part of your Openbox right click functions then install a package called menu from the software repositories.

Once you are done customizing the file safe it and then reconfigure the desktop, Now you should have a customized right click root menu within your openbox desktop.

Below is an attached screenshot from my current root menu (without the Debian part). You can also get my menu.xml from below.

Openbox root menu


Note: If you want to save the menu file to your computer then right click on the link and choose save link as or similar.