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Removing files and folders

It is no secret that with a terminal client you can get many things done very easily. One thing in particular that is done easily via terminal is removing files and folders. Sure, you could use a Gui for file and folder removing but then again it is just as easy – or perhaps even easier when done via terminal client.

First, you should navigate to the folder structure, which contains the files or folders you want to remove. You do this by using cd: Continue reading

PostX 0.3. repository is Online with upgrades

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3. series repository is Online now.

Note. During apt-get update you will get error saying something like:

Cannot fetch; remote end closed connection.

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. The error is because there is no translation files on my repository and thus apt-get complains. The error is non-fatal and repository should work normally – so no worries.

How to apply all changes: Continue reading

How to change Slim display manager theme

Slim display manager is a great peace of software. Below, is a tutorial how to apply themes to it. Proceed with caution. If you do not know what you are doing look help before continuing. Otherwise you might break something you do not  want to.

Note. Users of PostX Gnu/Linux will only need to take steps 6 and 7 if they want to change to another slim-ntheme (slim nthemes are already installed) which should take about 3 minutes. Also, in PostX it is good enough if you just exit the desktop to apply changes. Continue reading

Upgrading PostX 0.2.5 Debian base

If you want to upgrade PostX Debian base from Wheezy to Jessie before official PostX 0.3 release (probably during late January 2016) Here is how you do it. First open a terminal client (terminator) and type the following in order to access sources.list file:
Continue reading