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RunIT Browser advances to version 0.7 RC1

New version of RunIT Browser(Python+QT5) has been released.

I added the following functionalities to this release:

  • Numbered tabs.
  • Statusbar that shows what was last loaded and on what tab.

This release also fixes some minor stability and functionality issues.

Here is a screenshot.

0.7 RC1.

The code and further instructions can be found from the project┬┤s GitHub page

Metapad text-editor upgrades into version 1.6

Metapad text-editor has been upgraded to version 1.6.

This is mainly a bug fix release. Style is now consistent. I also added toggle hide button for menus. This could be used to maximize writing space.

Here is a screenshot.

Metapad version 1.6.

The code along with further instructions are on Metapad┬┤s Github page.

Sequence FM 7.0 RC3 released

Sequence FM 7.0 RC3 has been released.

7.0 RC3 fixes and changes from RC2:

  • Copy and move made from right-click menu: Select entry or select entries by holding CTRL and clicking. Now, choose: “Select for copying or moving” from the right-click menu. Next, go to your location of choice and press either: “Copy to…” or “Move to…”

Copy and move functions read the location from addressbar to complete their actions.

  • Verification dialogs to “Copy to…” and “Move to…” : No final action should be performed without user’s acceptance.

Notice. If user cancels from any of the above dialogs then “Select for copying or moving” action needs to be redone.

Original entry from 11th of April:

7.0 RC2 fixes and new features:

  • CSS theme support.
  • 4 themes added -> set your theme with
  • Dual panel mode is now default.
  • Listview added as shortcut place.
  • File/object descriptors added.
  • Multi-selection by holding CTRL and clicking objects is now possible.
  • File-roller integration removed as an effort to reduce external dependencies -> Open external program functionality added as a replacement.
  • Object buffer of previous releases removed and replaced with native Pyqt5 dialogs.

The new default outlook is as below:

Additonal themes along with the source code is available at: