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GTK or QT? Three things you might want to consider when deciding

Coding, it is fun. At best, you discover new things and form new friendships when you code and learn. In reality, much of coding experience can sometimes be about debugging and finding errors. Do not get me wrong: I absolutely love learning from my mistakes and finding better solutions. But in case you are just about to start coding and you are using mainly Linux or some other Unix I will offer you my two cents when it comes to deciding if you should use GTK or QT as your Gui framework. Continue reading

Me and Debian

My first real experience towards Linux was with Debian Sarge in 2005. Before that I had been mainly a Windows user – with a substantial desire to tweak things myself. Debian Sarge seemed to provide a nice way of doing many things but in reality it proved a bit too difficult. My 2005 self constantly struggled to get drivers and hardware working with Debian Sarge – and in the end the constant trouble led me to switch my operation system to Ubuntu. Overall, Ubuntu was good for me back in the days. I really loved Gnome 2 and the good old Nautilus file-manager, which was easy and customizable. It was probably around 2007 that I tried Debian again – this time it was Etch that got into my then current laptop. Debian Etch was a lot nicer experience for me than Debian Sarge had been. This time around I got everything running and things just worked. The problem that I encountered this time was with the software: Debian Stable was just too old for my needs. The software ran of course but it did not have feature x or y – and this was again something that drove me away from Debian. Continue reading