Change backgrounds using Nitrogen

On many occasions I have mentioned a program calledĀ  Feh, which is a picture viewer and a great background setting tool. As good as Feh is on a lightweight desktop, sometimes a user might wish for a graphical alternative to it. That is where a program called Nitrogen comes in. Nitrogen delivers a graphical solution for the wallpaper management. Here is a screenshot from the program’s interface. You can usually find Nitrogen from your package repositories.


Installing from the command line (some examples)

Ubuntu/Linux Mint: sudo apt-get install nitrogen

Debian (as a root): apt-get install nitrogen

Arch (as a root) : pacman -S nitrogen

Fedora (as a root): yum install nitrogen

Once you have Nitrogen installed just open it and point it to your wallpaper folders. ThenĀ  choose your wallpaper and apply changes.

Autostarting Nitrogen during startup.

To make Nitrogen run every time when you enter to the desktop use the following command in your startup file (like .xinitrc or openbox autostart file):

nitrogen – -restore
Note: there should not be space between the – – (This is a WordPress related problem, which shows the markings incorrectly.)
Depending on your computer setup you might need to give Nitrogen some time to start, so it will not try to respawn incorrectly:

#Fluxbox/Openbox/.xinitrc example where Nitrogen waits five seconds before starting up

(sleep 5 && nitrogen – -restore) &
Again: there should not be space between the – – markings.