Changing Xdefaults to tweak the look of Xterm

Xterm is a classical lightweight terminal for Linux/Unix which is a simple but yet effective way to get your command line work done.To install Xterm look for something like xterm or xterminal inside your package manager.

One problem with the Xterm is however that by default it might look something that you might like to customize at some point if you are one of those people who always tweak and change things.

By default Xterm comes with a white background and has a black text color in it. If you would like to tweak Xterm’s  looks you need to create the .Xdefaults file inside your user home folder.

Once you have created the .Xdefaults file you can use the following simple entries to transform your Xterm to have black background and green text entries. I also disabled the scrollbar on my config:

XTerm*Background: black
XTerm*Foreground: green
xterm*ScrollBar: off

Once you are done just save and close the .Xdefaults file and open a new Xterm and you should see the changes. In the above only a small portion of Xterm’s customizations are highlighted so check the man xterm for more information.