Coming soon on Techtimejourney and an outline of PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4

My workflow with my significant coding projects, which will certainly end up to become part of PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4 is as follows:

Volcontrol(Universal volume control program for Pulseaudio): 8th of August.

Crosslinker FM v.5 (Adding: trashcan, “multiple files delete”, music player integration, notification integration): 10th of August.

After the above two are done I will turn my attention to RunIT browser. As the web browser will provide a nice challenge it will certainly take some time before I can code it to become exactly what I want. After all these three projects are done, I will do some art and theme designs and then start building the PostX 0.4 release beta.

Note. The new Crosslinker code is already done and Volcontrol code is almost done. You still have to wait a bit because I want to make absolutely sure that the quality is as good as I want it to be. After all, I want people to enjoy as bug free life as possible (because programming bugs are not cool).

What will be included in PostX 0.4

-Crosslinker FM v.5
-PostX-Calendar & Clock
-Some new Openbox themes
-A new wallpaper set
-Perhaps a new Vlc theme
-Pulseaudio with Volcontrol application
-Legacy system tools coming from the past versions of PostX Gnu/Linux

* This is an option. The more likely route is that I will compile and build Policykit support for OpenRC init system so that the automounting for usb devices will be provided.

Also, to be noted is that I am considering now if I should drop the 32-bit release of PostX Gnu/Linux and finally turn my attention to making a Gentoo based PostX Gnu/Linux. There is also a possibility that I will do a Raspberry Pi version. Gentoo route seems very likely and I will make it for sure if people want to see it. Drop me a message at DeviantArt on this topic(or anything else that is on your mind).