Crosslinker FM

CROSSLINKER FM V.4 (Released 21st of June 2016)

Crosslinker FM license

Screenshot 1:Crosslinker FM license.

Here is the latest Crosslinker FM release. Version 4 brings new outlook, which now comes partly because CSS integration. There has also been many bug fixes and code cleanups.  Version 3 was a development release, which never got released – so that is why Crosslinker skipped a number. Below, are the list of changes version 4 brings.

  • CSS integration and style added.
  • Layout is redesigned.
  • Open file button now uses xdg-open and opens file formats with system’s defaults.
    • Supported file formats include: pdf, abw, odt, txt, png, jpg, ogg, mp3, mp4, avi, midi, xcf, mpg, mp2, flw, swf, m4v.
  • File menu dropped since it no longer needed.
  • Resizing issues are fixed.
  • Compress file to zip function fixed and working.
  • Button hinting made clearer on folder to zip button.
  • Crosslinker is now independent. It does not require Simple-mount or anything from my other projects.
  • Toggle view added. See screenshot 3. Note that toggle view assumes you are using sudo. If you use root instead change gksudo entries from #POWER MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS to gksu
linux screenshot, file manager screenshots, linux file managers

Screenshot 2: Crosslinker v. 4 brings many layout changes and cleans up the code as well.


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Screenshot3: Toggle view is added to Crosslinker FM.


Dependencies: For most systems the following, or similar, dependencies should do the trick when installed:

python python3 python-gi python3-gi python-minimal pm-utils

*pm-utils is needed by the “suspend computer” feature.

In Debian/Mint/Ubuntu etc. type this to terminal:

sudo apt-get install python python3 python-gi python3-gi python-minimal pm-utils

If for some reason the above is not enough see: LEGACY Package dependencies for Crosslinker FM V.2 for a more complete (and definitely larger than needed) dependencies listing.

How to “install” and use Crosslinker FM:

Download the archive from the link below (the zip file).

Download Crosslinker FM v.4 (

Decompress the file. Make sure that the Crosslinker FM and the CSS file coming with it are placed under the same directory(this is already done by me on the archive).

Tips (These steps are usually performed within a terminal client):

Tip 1.Do remember to make the program executable with chmod +x or similar.

Tip 2. Execute the program like this: python

Tip 3. For easier launching you should create a new symbolic link for the

For example:

sudo ln -s /home/tester/Release/ /usr/local/bin/clfm

You will replace tester with your actual username and the folder paths with your actual folder paths.

The command above will create a link called clfm. So, when the link is created and you type clfm to a command prompt/terminal then Crosslinker FM should appear.

To remove the created link replace ln -s with rm -r (See the example command above).

Additional resources: Crosslinker FM page at Sourceforge