Five private search engines worth looking at

These days it seems to be all about collecting data. Pretty much everybody does it. If you value your privacy then this post is for you. Personally, I love things related to computer security and here are my top five picks for the best secure search engines of 2017.  The order is based upon my personal preferences. All of these seach engines are really good and should deliver very well.

Disclaimer. This post is based purely upon my own opinions. I have no relation to any search engine or a third party that might influence my viewpoints.

1. Privatelee:

This search engine does not offer fancy graphics. It is very good though: what it lacks in looks it delivers in functionality. This is my current personal favorite. Loads up really fast too.


2. Wolfram Alpha:

To be honest: at first Wolfram Alpha seems quite confusing. It is certainly different and it refers to itself as “computational knowledge engine”. It does deliver knowledge very well. If you are looking for information then Wolfram might be for you – since it gives you easily readable results with good examples.


3. Startpage:

A really really good search engine, which gets its results from Google but does not include tracking data or anything else that might raise concerns over security. This search engine seems to have some performance problems from time to time but usually it delivers fast and well.


4. Ixquick:

From the makers of Startpage sharing almost identical outlook and functionality. What is different is that this search engine delivers results from multiple sources – not just Google.


5. DuckDuckGo:

This used to be my absolute favorite until recent weeks. Then I discovered that the search engine works without issues with more powerful machines but when you run a Celeron machine or an equivalent it just seems to crash. In my opinion: the crashing issue is annoying. It also seems to happen with all the common web browsers.  This search engine is very good though and I have no doubt that the makers of DuckDuckGo will fix the crashing issue in the future.