Gentoo: keywords

When using Gentoo sometimes you face the situation that you just need to add something to your keywords file. More specifically portage will tell you something like: the following keyword changes are required in order to install packages x and y…

Keywords are basically words, whill tell your Gentoo box what is suitable or desired to be installed in your box. Keywords can also be used to install packages, which are not so stable in general use – so caution is adviced before actually enabling any extra keywords.

How to add exrta keywords to Gentoo

My personal favorite was to use the following file to add all the keywords I needed at once to my Gentoo box:

cat >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords << EOF
=net-wireless/blueman-1.23-r2 ~amd64
=media-plugins/gimp-gmic- ~amd64
=dev-java/icedtea-web-1.4.1 ~amd64
=app-admin/eselect-java-0.1.0 ~amd64
=dev-java/icedtea- ~amd64

As you can see I used a 64-bit machine there but if I would have been using 32-bit one the end would have been i386 instead of amd64. You will probably want to customize the file above and once you are done tweaking save the file as or something similar. To run the file you must be a root or a sudo and then do: sh

Have fun with Gentoo!

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