Java install: The easy way in Linux.

As there are many tutorials around there how to install Java here is another one just for the fun. This is also probably the most easiest way of installing Java to Linux around there.

First download Java from: –> choose a version according to your architecture (32-bit or 64-bit)

When download is finnished move the unzipped java folder to /opt  Note: I also renamed jre folder to java to avoid confusion.

Then do the following as a root or sudo:

cd /opt
sudo mv /location/of/the/java/folderhere .

For example: sudo mv /home/tester/Downloads/java .

The . at the end of the mv lines tells the mv command to move the java folder to the folder you are currently in. So make sure you cd in to /opt

Next do the following:
ln -s ‘/opt/java/lib/i386/’ /home/tester/.mozilla/plugins

Note: you may need to create the hidden folder .mozilla . If you are using firefox then you will more than likely still be missing the folder plugins inside the .mozilla folder so do create it if needed. Once this method is done you should have you Java up and running. Do remember that this method should also work if you are using Chromium browser since it can read .mozilla folder for plugins.

Do remember to restart any running browser you are using so that the changes can take effect. If you need to see after the restart if the plugin got installed write about:plugins to the address bar to see all the plugins you have in your browser.