October 22nd 2017 update:

Launchy-QT has a new outlook. Also some changes to links were made to reflect the current PostX Gnu/Linux development. Tip. To show tooltips, click an area of Launchy that does not have icons in it.

July the second 2017:

Here is a combined package, which has Launchy, an improved toggle script, clock program and a Media Launcher in it. These tools appeared all as parts of PostX 0.4.4.

Download Launchy package (as a zip)

Gnome-Terminal seems to use F4 . It is adviced that you place this entry to .xbindkeysrc instead – if you want to use the terminal in question.

#Launchy Toggle function
“bash /usr/share/”

Place this entry(or similar) to your autostart file(.xinitrc etc). The entry will make sure that Launchy starts as hidden and that the toggle between hide and show works.

touch $HOME/.toggle_launchy &

Place all the programs to /usr/share pathway.

The toggle script executes and ends both Launchy Panel and the clock upon a keypress. Procps is now a needed dependency, which means that the full list should be as  below. On some distributions, you might need to adapt the dependency list.

python3 python-pyqt5 python-minimal procps python-gi

linux panels, linux panel, linux python panels

Launchy together with the Clock application.

launcher, linux launchers

Media Launcher starts from the Launchy┬┤s play icon.

Older entry from May 22nd:

Here is the panel that I released with the latest postx-programs upgrade.


python3 python-pyqt5 python-minimal

The panel is heavily centered around my other programs but you can modify it according to your needs. Only the package manager points to a program that was not written by me. The program in question is the synaptic package manager.

#Launchy-QT v.1 Copyright (c) 2017 JJ Posti <>
#This is a Panell application.The program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; #for details see:
#This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
#GPL Version 2, June 1991 This is the QT5 version” )

Unlike the Gtk version of Launchy, the QT version does close with ALT+F4. You can start the program via terminal with: python  /home/somewhere/launchy

If needed make Launchy executable with: chmod +x launchy

Tip. You can create  shortkeys to make closing and opening of Launchy to happen more easily.

29th of May: Toggle script.

Put the following line to your .xbindkeysrc (or any other autostart file)

“bash /usr/share/”

Then download the Launchy toggle script  and place it to the  location above. You can customize  the location to fit your needs. I recommend that you install x11-utils (sudo apt-get install x11-utils) just to make sure that everything works. You need to quit and launch your desktop again. After the previous Launchy-QT should now hide or appear when F4 key is pressed.