Metapad text-editor upgrades to version 2.0

Metapad is the next component of the upcoming PostX Gnu/Linux release (TBA) to get upgrades.


  • Line Numbers: Clearly visualized line numbers next to your text.
  • Toolbar: A toolbar for quick actions such as undo, redo, save, open, print, and font selection.
  • Styling: Custom styling for the editor and the application, done via CSS styling. Icons are from Adwaita icons theme. Without icons a button with a text will be shown.
  • Font Change: Quickly change the font of the selected text.
  • Open/Save Dialog: Intuitive dialogs for opening and saving your files.
  • Printing: A print preview and printing capability.
  • Protection: Before closing or opening new files, a warning is given if there are unsaved changes.

The code is available on Github: