New distribution planned and Git and Scrum coming soon

I am currently planning on making another distribution which will likely end up being Gentoo based.  Before things get started with the the distribution develepment I would like to annouce two upcoming features.

PostX Gnu/Linux will continue as Debian based. To make the development easier to follow,  I will be setting up Scrum with tickets. Scrum will give you an idea of the timetable and features, which will end up to the next version of PostX Gnu/Linux.

Also, since software develops things get complex.  To address the issues of complexity, and possible regressions and bugs, I will be setting up a Git repository for all my major projects. Techtimejourney will still have the official stable releases of the programs.  Git will host the development with ideas and adaptations that might or might not end to become  parts of the stable releases. To be fair: Git is also needed very much if Gentoo based development begins. Debian base and Gentoo base are similar but they are also different in a way that function in Debian might end up producing a  bug in Gentoo -or vice versa.

Git is likely to be up within a week (or a lot less). Scrum will be up very soon and it will remain a moving target until the picture of the future release of PostX Gnu/Linux gets sharper.