New programs coming and some other news

For some time, I have been wanting to write Crosslinker FM for QT5. The previous is now being done and a new pure QT5 file manager named as Sequence FM will arrive very soon. Sequence FM will introduce many upgrades/features and it will be very fast. For Sequence FM I chose a more traditional approach when it came to the interface. In other words, you should be able to get used to it easily. I am still coding features, which means  that the complete list will be revealed upon release.

The second newcomer is HTML-GTK Player, which means that HTML5 playback will be enabled easily for Youtube and Dailymotion – and there will be no longer a need to use Flash.  HTML-GTK Player is now finished and coded. The player itself contains less than 100 lines of code.  The player has playback functionalities without fancy features. The approach of HTML5-GTK Player is to use solutions that work and remain simple and effective.

Both of these programs will arrive on Sunday or Monday. I will also be fixing Launchy panel’s linking issue with the new Power Manager, which appeared due to Power Manager’s transitioning from QT4 to QT5.

And finally. there is the Linux Kernel that will also upgrade. It looks to be 4.10.5 version  that gets to go to PostX Gnu/Linux repository. I will build the kernels for i386 and amd64 during the weekend.

linux programs, lightweight linux programs

Sequece FM and HTML-GTK Player.