Package update done

PostX Gnu/Linux package update is done. Changes in update(22th of October 2017)

* PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 wallpaper set is now complete.(0.5.2).

desktopsets-dark (0.6) Audax; urgency=urgency

* RunIT Browser link(runit) updated to reflect pathway changes.
* .xbindkeysrc entry for runit updated to reflect pathway changes(see /etc/skel/.xbindkeysrc).
* .xbindkeysrc entry for file manager updated –> pointing to Crosslinker FM reboot.
* sfm link points to Crosslinker FM reboot version.
* Sequence FM is is still with the package. Its link is renamed to sfm_real(sfm_real command opens the real Sfm).
* Fixed link permission issues. The content should now be more protected.

postx-openbox-themes (0.5) Audax; urgency=low

* Added a new theme – E221.

postx-programs (1.7) Audax; urgency=urgency

* Upgrade:Runner-QT v.4 added to package.
* Upgrade:RunIT-QT Browser v.0.6.1 added to package. If you want to use arguments, and open a web page, paste something like this to the terminal: python /usr/share/Runit/ ‘’ 
* Upgrade:Albix Player 3.0 added to package.
* Upgrade:HTML5-Gtk Player v.3 added to package.
* Upgrade:Launchy-QT 1.5 added to package.
* Crosslinker FM’s 2017 Reboot is set to default file manager.
* Sequence Fm remains in the package but sfm link points to Crosslinker now.
* Python-mutagen added to dependencies.
* apt-transport-https added as a package dependency – since now repositories are https.

Package upgrade instructions

Open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If you experience any errors that might be because apt-transport-https installation.
This is a new dependency,which makes sure that apt-get knows how to communicate with PostX Gnu/Linux https repositories.If in any doubt install apt-transport-https first:

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

and then proceed following the instructions above. Also consider getting a new copy of .xbindkeysrc from /etc/skel. You can do something like: cp -R /etc/skel/.xbindkeysrc /home/user/folder/somefile

The above copies the hidden xbindkeysrc´s content to somefile, which is not hidden. Then you can take a look at the file and copy the entries you need – to your local .xbindkeysrc(inside your user´s home). Alternative, just copy xbindkeysrc to your user´s home directory and overwrite the old file with:

cp -R /etc/skel/.xbindkeysrc .

Use the above command after you have a freshly opened terminal in front of you. Make sure that you are at your user´s home directory when executing the command. Note that you need to exit Openbox desktop and login again. Otherwise xbindkeys program cannot catch the updates within its configuration file .xbindkeysrc.