Pacman essentials (Arch Linux)

If you are using Arch Linux then here are some basic terminal commands, which you can use to control control Pacman (Arch’s package management program).

pacman -S prorgam   = install a program.

pacman -R program  = remove a program.

pacman -Ss program  = search a program from arch repositories.


pacman -Syy  = update repository sources.

pacman -Syyu  = upgrade packages to new versions.

pacman -Q >> list.txt  = view installed packages and save them to list.txt file.

pacman -Rscn = remove leftover packages Note: Use this command only if you are sure you will not need any cached packages.

Additional details

As Arch is a bleeding edge distribution, and as such constantly moving, always check potential news and warnings from before doing any major system upgrade. With the bleeding edge things can sometimes break down badly.