PostX 0.3. beta 2 release date update and announcing Codename: adamantium

PostX 0.3 beta 2 will have some new features. To ensure quality I am moving the release date to 24th of November. Below is some information about the changes that are coming

Crosslinker Fm will be the new file manager

Crosslinker Fm will be the new file manager

Crosslinker Fm is the program I am writing currently. It will be done soon an the current working features are the following:

Bookmarks: add custom bookmarks or remove them.

File menu: All entries

Open images with Feh
Open text with Geany

Admin menu: All entries

Open terminal (terminator)
Lock screen (i3lock)
Sound management (Audax sound selector)
Power management (Power manager)

Delete file and Delete folder buttons are also working. They will ask verification before execution. Delete folder only removes empty directories and Delete file only removes single files. This is an intentional security measure to prevent accidental deletions.

Gtk themes and icons are supported.

Crossliner FM will join the group of projects I am working on, which are now named as Codename: adamantium. The group currently includes:

Miimo compression and decompression tool: 0.3 beta 2 will also more than likely have a gui version included, with all the fixes.

Crosslinker Fm: Will certainly be present in PostX 0.3 beta 2

Show-up: A calendar application, which should also make it into, PostX beta 2 – if no extraordinary obstacles appear.

Osiris: A panel+launcher. Still on a drawing board and will likely to be present on 0.3 stable release.