PostX 0.3 beta status and update

PostX 0.3 beta’s original release date was supposed to be today. Unfortunately, I have not been able to finalize things due to an injury, which took place during Monday. Due to this unfortunate event I have been quite off from computer during the last few days. Rest assured PostX 0.3 is soon complete. Since I have been able to pick up some slack now I am quite sure that the beta will arrive within seven days. The current target date is around 5th of August -or even sooner if everything goes really well.

Here are the features, which will appear on PostX 0.3. beta

From PostX repository:

*Linux kernel 4.1.3. (Status: ready)

*Yefm filemanager (Status: ready)

*Qupzilla web browser (Status: ready)

*Qpdfviewer (Status: ready)

* Openbox wm (Status: ready)

* New wallpaper set: “Designator” debuts (Status: Almost ready 4/5 completed)

PostX-programs package will have following changes/ added features:

*Miimo de/compresser (Python program for decompressing and compressing files and folders) (Status: ready)

General changes:

* Openbox will also come with two new themes: Requim and Cypher. Requim is ready and Cypher will be completed within the next two days

* Openbox shortkey support with PostX 0.3. will follow the tradition of earlier version: 0.2.5. All shortkeys should be functional.

* No systemd. PostX 0.3 series comes with OpenRC init system (This step still needs some work but not much)

*The system will be more robust than before. I will try to trim it down as much as possible. I will also try to build 0.3. series in a way that it will work with Pentium M series (non-pae machines).

And finally, here is a screenshot from PostX 0.3. series featuring one of the new wallpapers.

PostX wallpaper, PostX gnu/linux

PostX 0.3. beta is coming soon.