PostX 0.4.2 is released as 32-bit and 64-bit

PostX 0.4.2 is released. If you need extra instructions then look at the previous 0.4 series release notes, which still mostly apply.

New features / changes since 0.4.1:

– Software packages are updated.
-Vlc is removed from the distribution (more on the reasons later).
– Slim is removed. Desktop is started with startx now. Slim was getting unstable at times.

-Albix Player is added as a music player. The player handles(at least): ogg, mp3, wav and flac files.
-Sequence FM is now the default. Crosslinker FM is still found within the Openbox menu.

-Volume keys are now working similar to Vol2x. This means that you can control multiple sound device volumes with a single key. Volume keys also have toggle mute & sound enabled functionality now.

– OpenRC returns. PostX 0.4.1 was a Systemd release. For some people it produced bad results in performance and stability. Because of the previous OpenRC is now the default of 0.4.2 release.

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PostX 0.4.2 desktop with Albix Player and Sequence FM

Quick start to live:
user name is: audax
password is: live

To start the installer: press F3, which opens Quick terminal. Type: sudo live-installer #Opens installer.

Notice. You might need to add edd=off to live media boot parameters with some SSD drives. Boot parameters appear when you press the tab key. Edd stands for Enhanced disk drive.

After installation:

Important note. There seems to be a bug in Debian base(release building packages related). The bug appears when trying to start the installed system. The virtual terminal console number 2 gets stuck and only  a black screen is showing when the login should appear. To overcome this issue press some of the following key combinations to open an alternative terminal:

Control+ALT+F1 –> This is actually the terminal that sends the original error to terminal two. Everything proceeds normally if you press enter.


The above combinations open alternative terminals from where you can start the system. The live mode is not having any issues. The issue only appears within an installed system.

Alternatively, you can download the previous versions of PostX 0.4 series, which are not affected by the issue described above. If you choose to download a previous version do keep in mind that then you might need to do plenty of upgrades to the system before it is current.

Remember to do Network setup after installation (Network setup is in Quick Terminal)

Note that you will initially need some sort of wired connection after installation. You can install Wi-Fi drivers easily with a metapackage (sudo apt-get install driver). After drivers are installed then you should be good to run Wlan Setup tool (from Quick Terminal).  For Youtube and Dailymotion you can use PostX’s HTML5 Player.

Looking beyond 0.4.2.

It is completely possible that PostX 0.4.2 might be the last release that is based upon Debian. I really do not like the way things are going with Debian Stretch. Linux has always meant freedom of choice for me.  As we see Debian becoming more dependent on Systemd, I wonder how long you can choose what you use. Two possible future candidates for new PostX base are Arch or Devuan. PostX 0.5 release might still happen in Debian base because at this point it is too early to say what kind of base Stretch might be when it becomes stable. However, there is a possibility that a switch to another base might happen.


Download PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.2 from the release folder.