PostX development update

Here is a short update about PostX 0.3 development.

* Slim display manager is coming back with a new theme.

* PostX 0.3. will use Bluez 4 (if possible) so that the Bluez-alsa connection does not break. Bluez5 currently has no support for Alsa.

*Miimo compression tool will get fixed. While the fixes have already been done I will do someĀ  testing before I release the fix.

* Currently I am writing a new file manager. I decided to name this project as Crosslinker FM. The file manager is written in Python and will hopefully be done in about 1,5 months or a lot sooner. I am also considering about writing a GUI version of Miimo compression tool, which I would include and later integrate to Crosslinker FM.

There are also many other minor tweaks and fixes coming, which will likely end up to beta2. Currently, I have decided to not make PostX 0.3. beta repository public until beta2 gets out. The previous is due to the fact that I want to make absolutely sure that nothing breaks when beta1 upgades to beta2 – as I have learned time and again that transitions can go horribly wrong without rigorous testing.

As of now I would say that beta2 will come out somewhere around 15th of November.