PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 has been released

PostX 0.5 has now been released. The size of the iso image is about 634 megabytes. This release is also SystemD free and uses SysVinit. Desktop is Openbox and display manager is Slim. This release is also using Debian´s kernel rather than providing its own.

Disclaimer: You use PostX Gnu/Linux at your own responsibility. The author of (JJ Posti) or any other party is not responsible if any kind of damage or harm will occur . NO WARRANTY is given and the user therefore agrees to use this software at his/hers own risk.

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PostX Gnu/Linux desktop on its most basic form – after startup, Download PostX Gnu/Linux by clicking this link.

From RC2 to PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 changes include:

Slim-nthemes (0.3.1) Audax; urgency=urgency

* Slim returns as primary display manager.
* New theme added.

base-files (11.2) Audax; urgency=low

* Upgrading info.pdf
* nomodeset and nosplash to grub

desktopsets-dark (0.7.3) Audax; urgency=urgency

* PostX 0.5 released – new default wallpaper: j3x.
* CRunner-QT to Runner-QT v5.
* Symbolic link for QPlayer added.
* Removed obsolete entries from autostart files(.xinitrc and openbox autostart)
* Adding LXDM theme.

postx-programs-new (1.9.1) Audax; urgency=urgency
* Crosslinker FM Reboot to 1.1: Colors tweaked + other minor fixes.
* QPlayer v.2 replaces Veritas -> vlc-nox dropped as a dependency.
* CRunner-QT to Runner-QT v5. –> Runner-QT survives upgrading better.
* Conky returns to PostX Gnu/Linux – adding config to /usr/share/conky.

There is also a radeon line appended to /etc/modules. If this causes boot issues then go and reverse the appending easily:

Live-mode and Installation

Download PostX Gnu/Linux by clicking this link

Note. If you are using an SSD or you have an UEFI bios, you will might need to press Tab key and add edd=off to the boot parameter list. Without edd=off the boot might hang with some ssds. After the installation everything should work as expected.

If you wish to burn the iso to usb stick open terminal and execute the following command: ALERT: Make sure that /dev/sdb is your actual usb stick – since all data in it will be erased.

sudo dd bs=4M if=name_of_the_file.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync

Tip. Use Fat32 file-format and check you device name with gparted. Open terminal and type sudo gparted

The distro can be tested in live-mode.

Live user: audax password: live

Conky might throw black borders on live-mode. If this happens then just open the right-click menu and choose restart from there to fix the graphics.

If you wish to install the distribution open the terminal(hit F3) and type: sudo live-installer

Before proceeding with installation, backup your important files. Things can go wrong sometimes and it is good to be prepared.

Know issue and fixes to them

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