PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 RC released

Disclaimer: You use PostX Gnu/Linux at your own responsibility. The author of (JJ Posti) or any other party is not responsible if any kind of damage or harm will occur . NO WARRANTY is given and the user therefore agrees to use this software at his/hers own risk.

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 RC has been released and is based on Debian Stretch(current stable). In the end I decided to stick with Debian base because transitioning into a new base takes a bit longer than I originally aspired. This image is a release candidate. The final 0.5 image will arrive in a near future.  Download PostX Gnu/Linux by clicking this link or any other link found on this page.

Here are few feature highlights

– PostX Gnu/Linux uses SysV as its init and is completely free of SystemD.
– Kernel is 4.14.15 -> PostX is now 64-bit only and comes with EFI support.
– Fits to cd but does contain non-free firmware drivers to help wifi etc. setup.
– Network is handled by wicd. All old scripts and tools are still available for terminal wizards.
– Still fits to cd. Size is about 631 megabytes.

-Plenty of upgrades to programs

– Metapad is now the default text-editor and is upgraded to version 1.3(a bug-fix release).
– RunIT Browser receives minor upgrade.
– Volwi is there as a volume indicator together with Linux Mint’s panel applet.
– Launchy is still present as a panel. Now, when you press F6 Launchy will appear together with Tint2 and PostX Gnu/Linux digital clock. Press F6 again and all these resources will be closed.
– Pulseaudio is there together with Vol2X-Reloaded(PostX Gnu/Linux volume control application)
– Base Player is now onboard as the music player. Veritas Player continues as a front for the more general playback.
– HTML5 Gtk-Player receives a stability upgrade and should be more stable now.
– Crosslinker FM(Reboot version) is the default file-manager and Quick Terminal is the terminal.
Quick Terminal contains various tools integrated into it like: Apt-fetcher(cli package manager) and Simple Mount (usb and resource mounter).

– XRunner becomes the default launcher dialog. XRunner brings error handling. Also a new calculator is there.*
*You should take a look at this post for the calculator usage. Calculator is still in development and remains a bit incomplete:
– Blueman applet is there for Bluetooth devices.

– Xbindkeys is removed since it had issues. Keyboard combinations still work and the
important info file is still accessed with Winkey+x combination.

– Wallpaper set is redone to be more balanced. Default PostX Gnu/Linux set is named as designer-wallpapers. Wallpapers are in /usr/share/postx-wallpapers and they are all in a jpg format and designed by me (JJ Posti).

– Lightdm is the default display manager.

Live-mode and Installation

Note. If you are using an SSD or you have an UEFI bios, you will might need to press Tab key and add edd=off to the boot parameter list. Without edd=off the boot might hang with some ssds. After the installation everything should work as expected.

If you wish to burn the iso to usb stick open terminal and execute the following command: ALERT: Make sure that /dev/sdb is your actual usb stick – since all data in it will be erased.

sudo dd bs=4M if=name_of_the_file.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync

Tip. Use Fat32 file-format and check you device name with gparted. Open terminal and type sudo gparted

The distro can be tested in live-mode.

Live user: audax password: live

If you wish to install the distribution open the terminal(hit F3) and type: sudo live-installer

Before proceeding with installation, backup your important files. Things can go wrong sometimes and it is good to be prepared.

About Firefox-esr

It was not my original idea to include firefox to PostX Gnu/Linux. During the
build time I decided otherwise. To run firefox just type firefox to XRunner or terminal
and it should start.

PostX Gnu/Linux future plans

PostX Gnu/Linux continues as 64-bit only. This is partly because the lack of time but mostly because 32-bit is quite legacy these days.

What about Fedora base?

There will be a Fedora based variation in the future but I have decided to keep developing PostX Gnu/Linux as a Debian based distribution as well. In other words: PostX Gnu/Linux as Debian based is here to stay and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are few screenshot and the Download link. Repositories will be updated during the upcoming weekend. I will also seek to update oldstable PostX Gnu/Linux packages
as much as I can without breaking things.

PostX Gnu/Linux, PostX Linux, Techtimejourney Linux

PostX 0.5 RC continues with Openbox and Debian base

postx gnu/Linux screen, postx gnu/linux

PostX Gnu/Linux comes with a wide selection of programs and can be customized.

I hope you enjoy PostX Gnu/Linux.