PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3 feature list announced

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3 feature list
The general goal of 0.3. release will be to continue being a stable and a robust system. The system size will also likely reduce during the development. I would estimate that the end result could be just a bit below 500 megabytes.

Below are the features, which will are likely to appear.

* Rebuild the system from source code with optimizations. THIS IS CONFIRMED
* Possibly replace file-roller with a more generic and smaller tool.

* Openbox as a default wm.

* Replace Pcmanfm with Spacefm or modified Rox-filer. Pcmanfm has some performance issues when readiing cd/dvd,

* If Rox-filer then trying to build trashcan with it.

* Upgrade artwork (create new wallpaper series, fix any odd graphical things, upgrade themes/icons)

* Replace Systemd with OpenRc init system. Systemd pulls in a lot of stuff, which is not good for a minimal system.



* Replace Synaptic with a more generic tool, which does the same via terminal.

* Remove all PAE kernel options, which cause problems with non-PAE machines.

* Replace Abiword with Pyroom or Textroom. Abiword is somewhat heavy and takes a bit too much space.

* Possibly replace Vlc with Gxine or then just build a more minimal vlc from source (very likely)

* Replace Chromium with Midori or something else. Fix no sound with youtube videos (when Bluetooth and something else than Chromium) by including Minitube.

* Remove Transmission since the package takes space and it is not essential for the system.

Some further explanations of the direction of PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3.

What you see on the above is the initial list (things are still under development). Originally I was going to put Pekwm as a default wm but since many people said it should be Openbox then Openbox it is. Currently, it seems that Spacefm should be the default file-manager since it performs very well (and better than pcmanfm) When it comes to Web browsing I try to look for some robust and lightweight solutions. Chromium is good but it also takes way too much RAM when it is active – and this hardly remains a suitable goal for a lightweight system.

To comment upon this list and add suggestions place visit the Deviantart entry of this post.