PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.1 is released

Year begins with a new release of PostX Gnu/Linux.

The 0.4 release notes still mostly apply. So, if in any doubt go here.

January 3rd 2017 edit: I had written echi=off to the 0.4 original release notes, which is wrong. It should be edd=off. Edd stands for Enhanced disk drive. Apologies for the mistake. Use edd=off in the case that the boot to live-environment hangs and does not continue. Now, the entry should also be correct within the original release notes.

Download PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.1 from the release folder.

Note. os-prober package is now added to distribution. Scanning for other operation systems during the installation should work again.

live user: audax password: live

Remember to do Network setup after installation (see Quick Terminal)

Note that you will initially need some sort of wired connection after installation. You can now install wifi drivers easily with a metapackage (see below) and then you should be good to run Wlan Setup tool (from Quick Terminal). After the previous steps you should be able to go wireless. For Youtube install flashplugin-nonfree (also found from the metapackage).

To start installer: press F3: opens Quick terminal. Type: sudo live-installer #Opens installer.

This release adds some new features and is the first Systemd version of PostX. I have tried to make sure that the existing PostX 0.4 users should be able to get a smooth path to upgrades. Currently, the sources repository and package repositories should be online.

The 0.4.1 release contains the following notable changes:

-Size has been trimmed a lot: 32-bit release is:450 megabytes and 64-bit release is 436 megabytes.

-Quick Terminal is redesigned and now has some bluetooth connectivity features.

-RunIT browser is now default again in 0.4.1. This time it is written with QT5 and Python and has the much needed features of web-inspector and “open in a new window”. RunIT is also much lighter than its older version, which was already very light.

-Contrib and non-free repositories are now added to the binary. PostX Gnu/Linux is still built from Debian main (open source software).

-Plenty of bug fixing to Crosslinker FM and PostX programs like Apt-fetcher. There is also a new program in the mix as Launchy-panel makes its debut.

There are also some new packages. See here for the PostX Gnu/Linux repository content.

If you want more information about sources.list file and installing non-free and contrib stuff see this post.

Now, you can also install device drivers easily with sudo apt-get install driver command. The driver metapackage will add many wifi drivers and flashplugin-nonfree using Debian non-free and contrib repositories.

And finally, here is a screenshot:

PostX 0.4.1 screenshot