PostX Gnu/Linux receives package upgrades

PostX Gnu/Linux repository received upgrades. Lets start with a screenshot

Sequence FM and HTML5-GTK Player arrive. Outlook upgrades as well.

Postx-programs is upgraded. It gets HTML5-GTK Player and
Sequece FM. RunIT-QT’s Vlc button changes into a launcher button for
HTML5-GTK Player. Launchy panel is now fixed as well and Power Manager button works again.

Desktopsets package is upgraded. There is a new Tint2 panel configration,  a new wallpaper:midrange and the Openbox menu is also upgraded. Sequence FM replaces Crosslinker FM in the menu and HTML5-GTK Player enters into the menu. Mod+4 will now launch Sequence FM instead of Crosslinker FM.

Linux image/headers/sources. Linux image & Linux headers & Linux source packages are upgraded to 4.9.18 versions.

Short description of the new programs/changes
HTML5-GTK Player supports Youtube and Dailymotion playbacks.

Sequence FM has all the common features of a file manager that a normal / more advanced user should need. The first release of the file manager brings, for example:

-A right-click menu
-Control key modifier: Try to open a file with predefined defaults when control key is held down and a file is double-clicked.
-Standard features: open with program, rename, delete to trash, delete forever, copy, move paste etc.

I will release a detailed presentation for Sequence FM within a few days.
Non-PostX users will receive install instructions and links for HTML5 Player and  Sequence FM also within a way days.

For PostX Gnu/Linux users upgrading is done as follows

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

#New kernel and kernel related packages
sudo apt-get install linux-image-4.9.18-audax #kernel
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-4.9.18-audax #headers
sudo apt-get install linux-source-4.9.18-audax #source

Source package is most commonly needed if you are going to compile a
module for the kernel. Headers is commonly used in compiling as well. Most
general purpose would be, for example, to install a non-free display driver from
some vendor. After the kernel is installed reboot the system and test that everything works. You can keep the previous kernel packages or then just delete them with:

sudo apt-get remove linux-image-4.4.34-audax linux-headers-4.4.34-audax

Note. You need to be running the new kernel before deleting the old one.

Migrating to new settings/configurations
Copy new settings to user’s home directory. Open terminal and copy/paste

sudo cp -R /etc/skel/.config .
cp -R /etc/skel/.xbindkeysrc .
cp -R /etc/skel/.wall .

Now logout and login again to make sure that changes apply – or just reboot if you want to use the new kernel as well.