PostX Gnu/Linux status update and PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.2 release date

In the upcoming week I will make some updates to PostX Gnu/Linux repositories. Power-Manager will upgrade to QT5 and it will contain some Openbox integration in it. Likewise, PostX-Calendar will upgrade to QT5. I will also build new Linux kernels, headers and source packages for both i386 and amd64. All this should be doneĀ  before the late Friday. The actual upgrade schedule might be a lot faster but Friday is the deadline.

in regard to the future PostX Gnu/Linux development I am glad to announce that things are going well. Artwork for PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 is almost complete and I have decided to keep the system in Openbox – for the sake of stability. Before PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 there will be an upgrade to the current PostX branch, which will be bringing all the changes and fixes that are available. The target date for PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.2 is April the 7th.