QtCreator project compiling reference

This is a general guide, which should help you to build all my QtCreator(C++) projects. The below is done with the Debian family. Nevertheless,  the instructions should be easily adaptable to other Linux branches as well.


Make sure that you have, at least, these installed alongside qtcreator package:

build-essential g++ qt5-default

qt5-default should provide something like this:

qtbase5-dev, qtchooser, qt5-qmake and qtbase5-dev-tools

Finally,  build the program using Qtcreator. In Debian you need to select your kit manually and point it to the installed qt5. Qt5-default and g++ are very important in the task of manual pointing and are thus very much needed.

Select the QtCreator kit manually:

To select your build kit manually, first install the packages mentioned above.

Then open Qtcreator–>Tools–>Options–>Build & Run –> Kits and choose Manual. Manual should provide something along the lines of Desktop (default).


Opening and building the project:

After you have specified the kit and everything is good, open the something.pro file with Qtcreator to open the project. Press the Run arrow(green arrow). If the application builds and runs everything should be fine.

You should be able to find the resulted executable called Something from the build-Something-Desktop-Debug folder(or similar). The build-Something-Desktop-Debug is in the same folder level than the actual project folder.


QtCreator should, by default,  make the program executable.

If for some reason you need to make the program file executable manually use:

chmod +x program_name

Open terminal and execute this command(in the location that has the executable):


If you need to supply a full path then the command goes like this: