Sequence FM v.2 arrives & PostX 0.4.2 moved to 14th of April

 23th of April 2017: Sequence FM v.3 has arrived.

Sequence FM v.2 release post from April 6th, 2017:

I decided to move PostX 0.4.2 release date to 14th of April. This was done so that I could further improve the programs of the distribution.  The first improvement to come out is Sequence FM v.2.

#Sequence FM v.2 Copyright (c) 2017 JJ Posti <>
#This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
#for details see:
#This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
#GPL Version 2, June 1991″)
The version 2 adds navigation bar and clipboard functionality.

The overall list of features for Sequence FM v.2 :

-Open files with Sequence FM defaults(hold the Control key).

-Right-click menu with plenty of functions(see the screenshot).
-File menu, which has the same functions as right-click menu.
-Navigation bar, which works as a navigation bar should.
-Sequence FM remains lightweight. It has about 340 lines of code, which is written manually.

linux file manager, linuxn programs pcmanfm alternatives

Sequence FM v.2. In the screenshot you are also seeing the new Launchy panel, which integrates with Xmms2. There is also a dedicated Xmms2 player coming, which currently contains about 180 lines of code. The player will debut on PostX 0.4.2.

To use Sequence FM you should have, at least, these instaled (Debian base as an example):

sudo apt-get install python-pyqt5 python python3

The previous packages should be enough. However, in some cases you might still need to install something else.  Usually it should be something along the lines of pyqt5.

Download Sequence FM v.2 (as a zip file)

Upgrading to v.2: PostX Gnu/Linux users:

open terminal and copy this into it:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Then press enter and wait for the upgrade to emerge.