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Compact Conky

Here is a compact Conky configuration for people to enjoy. To apply it save the entries below as a hidden file .conkyrc and place the file inside your user’s home directory. Alternatively use conky -c variable to adjust theĀ  file path. An example: conky -c configuration_file_location Continue reading

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Conky revisited


In this tutorial a new up to date conky configuration is presented. The configuration contains many tweaks and some needed additions especially to the music player capabilities. The configuration itself combines many useful elements presented in some of my earlier conky configurations. Continue reading

Yet another conky config: this time with exaile.

As you might have already discovered conky is great. I have done many configs with it but lately I have arrived to a simple but yet functional config which I am going to present in this post. To avoid problems and typos which might occur when copy/paste is done to WordPress I have attached my config to a pdf file which you will find at the end of this post. Continue reading

HOWTO: Create conky config part 3: conky with a bit more info in it

In this post I will showcase yet another Conky config. As this is the third Conky post I will really not go through so much detail about Conky because they can be read from earlier entries. Continue reading