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Crosslinker FM coming soon and GPL gallery receives a new wallpaper

First, a quick note about my file manager Crosslinker FM. The version five, which will have many upgrades and fixes will arrive no later than the upcoming Saturday 29th of October.

Since the theme of this week has beenĀ all about designing, here is another new wallpaper for you to enjoy. The artwork below is also found within my GPL gallery page 4. If you want to get the wallpaper fast and easy then click the image below. Enjoy.

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PostX Gnu/Linux page updated & 0.4 beta wallpaper added

I just released new page for PostX Gnu/Linux distribution. I designed the page manually with Html5 and CSS. The new page will soon be full of new content since I am currently getting ready to build PostX 0.4 beta. I will announce the beta timetable in a few days when I know exactly how much time the building will take. On a more general note: PostX Gnu/Linux pages will serve as a starting point in redoing all the essential pages. Hence, in the future there will be lot of web layout updates coming.

In regard to the future: here is a wallpaper, which will come along with PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4 beta. The wallpaper can be obtained by clicking the image below or from GPL gallery page 4.