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Emelfm2 with usb storage devices

As Audax 0.2. came out it came along with a program Simple mount that made it easier to mount usb devices. You can access Simple mount by pressing Windows+p and open the Sysman2 Gui program, which also holds the launcher entry for Simple mount. Alternatively, you can open a terminal and type: sudo sh /usr/share/sysman2.sh in order to get the Sysman2 Gui started.

What Simple mount does is that it basically creates a folder to user’s home directory and then mounts an usb device into it. After the device gets mounted you can access the folder and your device’s content will show up. Note. Even when it is possible to mount the same device to multiple mount points (a.k.a. folders) simultaneously, I strongly advice against it. If you do multiple mounts at the same time and then forget to unmount everything before unplugging the device from the computer you might get a data corruption and damage your files.

As Emelfm2 is now the default file manager of Audax, it is of use to clarify few things so that Emelfm2 would not feel too odd for the regular or first time users. The most obvious question might be: How to copy files within Audax using Emelfm2? Continue reading