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Freebsd /etc/make.conf example

When you are using Freebsd and you are compiling packages from source (using ports collection) then one of the most important things is the /etc/make.conf file. The make.conf file tells your system how it should build things. You can of course build ports using an empty make.conf file but if you do so you will not get the advantages that might come with customizing things a bit further. Continue reading

Experiencing Freebsd 10: tips and tricks for basic maintenance

Having recently tested Freebsd 10 here are some tips for new users to help them on their way.

When you install Freebsd and you are creating a new user you might want to include the user to extra groups wheel and network .

Wheel gives your regular user rights to go into super user mode via terminal by executing su –¬†and network gives your user rights to use network devices etc.

You can of course always log in as a root user and perform administration task there as well, choice is yours. Continue reading