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Dreamlight Tint2 (panel configuration)

As I am currently exploring the possibilities of JWM (Joe’s window manager: http://joewing.net/projects/jwm/) which is a lightweight and a robust desktop environment I found myself tweaking things once more while creating a new JWM theme configuration which I named as Dreamlight.

One particular change I made was the removal of the default panel of JWM while replacing it with the Tint2 panel, which is one of my personal favorites these days. If you are not familiar with the Tint2 you might want to take a look at one of my earlier posts:


Without further ado here is the Tint2 Dreamlight configuration: Tint2 Dreamlight

Here is how it will look:tint2screenshot

Dreamlight (GPL) will include the following parts in total

*The Tint2 Dreamlight configuration

*A Jwm theme

*A Firefox persona

*A wallpaper with green colors


Tint2: Alternative config file

First off: welcome to the new home of techtimejourney! As I now begin to elaborate more with this blog what would be a better way to start than giving another example of the great posibilities of tint2 panel. This time I’m going to present a tint2 config which is good for those people who want to have their panel a bit more visible and readable (meaning bigger size). Always remember that you can by all means tweak and customize the values and experiment upon them to create your own tint2 config. So feel free to modify the values below as you please. Continue reading

Transparent tint2 configure

So it is weekend again and it is time to enjoy yet another tint2 panel configuration. This time things are fully transparent. Note: The results should be like in the screenshot which was taken with Debian Wheezy a while back. As I am currently using Arch I however see some differences –  like system tray missing. This is probably due to my very new system configuration which has some erros in it  which I have not had  time to fix yet.


# To use this as default tint2 config: save as $HOME/.config/tint2/tint2rc Continue reading