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New wallpaper added, PostX Gnu/Linux 0.8 coming in October

New wallpaper has been added:


PostX Gnu/Linux 0.8 will be coming in October. It will be based on Debian 11. Starting from 0.8 the plan is to make more regular releases and enhance the upgrade schedule. This means that release building will be more scripted and automated than before.

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WindowMaker and Darkburn WindowMaker theme

First. What is WindowMaker? WindowMaker is a very lightweight desktop environment which has been around since 1997. WindowMaker is very good to run with older hardware as it does not demand lot from the computer. For modern computers WindowMaker is a good choice if you want a fast desktop which is not bloated with all kinds of software by default. See more from WindowMaker here:  http://windowmaker.org/

Second. What is Darkburn? Darkburn is a theme for WindowMaker which I build. Darkburn is provided as a GPL. Continue reading