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Looking through my CMS, I noticed that I had not published one post about a wallpaper release, which already happened some time ago.The wallpaper in question is found from GPL gallery page 4.You can also get it directly by clicking the image below.



New wallpaper set available

Here are three new wallpapers. I named this set simply as X-set after X window system. But without further ado – here comes the art. Let’s start with a combined screenshot.

X-set features three wallpapers for you to enjoy.

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Follow via Twitter and another sneak peak into PostX 0.4 art

Now, since Facebook is gone I do realize that people might want check what is going on with Techtimejournmey. You can of course order RRS feeds, which will be found within the “Follow me” button links. If you require something a bit more modern you can follow my Twitter space, which I have now decided to make the new prime channel for Techtimejourney as well – since it fits to the purpose very well.

Twitter space can be located from here: https://twitter.com/techtimejourney

And here is another sneak peak into PostX 0.4 artwork. This is likely to become the default wallpaper.

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Meet Rock-vol4 the likely new PostX default.

You can also find Rock-vol4 within my GPL gallery page 3: Rock-vol4.png