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RunIT-QT 0.5 & Vol2x-QT5 released

Two new and interesting releases today. RunIT-QT upgrades to 0.5. and Vol2x upgrades to QT5.

RunIT-QT has gone through code cleanup and now it uses only the modules it needs. Both, have a new outlook and they come with icons also. I used Adwaita icons and I compiled them directly to python files. The previous makes installation and upgrading easier – since importing from other files is non-existent. Also, there is plenty of new code: Vol2x-QT5 and RunIT-QT 0.5 each have well over 1000 lines.

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RunIT-QT 0.5 brings outlook and usability upgrades.

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Vol2X upgrades to QT. Usability is improved.

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RunIT-QT added to Python programs

Upgrade:RunIT-QT 0.5 has arrived.

RunIT-QT (PostX 0.4.1 default browser) is added to Python programs.

RunIT-Qt browser.

#RunIT-QT Browser Copyright (c) 2015 JJ Posti <techtimejourney.net>
#for details see: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.
#This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
#GPL Version 2, June 1991
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Runner-Bar v.0.2-CSS is here

Runner-Bar v.0.1 was good but since I love styling I just made a new better release. Runner-Bar v.0.2  comes with a CSS support – now CSS actually handles all the styling. I also added tooltips, removed some obsoleted code and cleared some unneeded module importing while I was add it. I decided to keep the Runner-Bar v.0.1 page onboard as a reference.  You can find it here.

Also, a  “new release” of Power Manager 3 is now available. This bug fix release only fixes a minor spacing issue.Gentoo distribution complained about the spacing and did not want to start the program at all. On Debian base there was not even an error. Here is a screenshot from the new Runner-Bar. Now, the buttons will also highlight when you move mouse cursor on top of them.

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Runner-Bar 0.2 with CSS.


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About Runner-Bar.


If you do not want dark colors then check out the light theme for Runner-Bar

If you do not want dark colors then check out the light theme for Runner-Bar

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Power-Manager 3 (QT4) released and a new Youtube video available

The latest addition to my programming portfolio: Power-Manager 3 is now here. Power-Manager 3 is a re-designed version of the older Power-Manager, which was originally put together with Zenity and Bash.

Power-Manager 3 does the same things as its older ancestor. As always, the screenshot speaks for itself:

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Power-Manager 3 with QT4

You will need python and python-qt4 in order to run this program. Remember to make it executable with chmod +x power.py

Run the program with python power.py

Remember to execute the above commands within a terminal client. You can also make a symbolic link – to achieve an easier startup.(For example, sudo ln -s power.py /usr/local/bin/power)

Download Power-manager from here: Power-Manager v.3.0.1

Old Versions: Power-Manager 3.zip

Enjoy and while I continue coding you can also go ahead and take a look at my latest Youtube video, which is about apt-get usage on Debian and its deriatives.

Added Note 4th  of August:

The program uses sudo. If you use the traditional root account instead then replace the program code’s  gksudo lines with gksu . Of course, make sure that you actually have gksudo or gksu installed on your system before using the program.