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RunIT-QT Browser 0.7 released

RunIT Browser (QWebEngine version) has reached its 0.7 version.

Notable improvements/changes:

  • Youtube and Netflix confirmed working on almost complete full screen mode.
  • Homepage is now pointing to StartPage search engine.
  • Window is resized to be larger and more useful from the beginning.
  • Addressbar improvements: google.com AND www.google.com AND https://google.com will resolve. -> https is auto appended into the front.
  • More verbosity added to statusbar(notices go back, go forward etc. functions on tabs).
  • UI is styled to be darker than before.
  • Tabs now have titles in them.
  • Back, forward etc. Now upgrade urlbar address like they should.
  • Ecosia replaces Wolfram Alpha on search engines.

Source code and more details are available at the Github: https://github.com/postman721/RunIT-QT_QWebengine

Minimal Browser2 (C++) released

Next version of Minimal Browser is released as a beta.

The beta release includes the following notable improvements/changes:

Features added by v2.5 beta

  • DuckDuckGo as search engine.
  • Tabbed browsing.
  • UI is redesigned.
  • Icons removed.
  • Searchbar is gone. Searching is done by writing search:<your_search> to addressbar and pressing Enter.
Minimal Browser2 UI.

Source code and full release notes are available on the projects Github page:


Minimal Browser v2 released.

Minimal Browser v2 is released. Below, a list of notable changes is presented with a screenshot. The code is available on project´s Github page.

Licensing changes: Dual licensing model:

GPL v2 is upgraded to GPL v3. Also adding Apache v2 license as an alternative possibility if GPL v3 is not desired.

Features added by v2.

  • Google as a search engine.
  • Zoom in and out buttons added.
  • Web-inspector added.
  • Browsing now accepts: www.some_address.something OR https://some_address.something
  • Save file or object: Saves whatever is listed on addressbar location. Using Wget via QProcess.
  • Tooltips for buttons.
  • Gui is redesigned and has darker colors now.
  • Javascript set to enabled.
  • Installed system plugins set to enabled.
  • PrivateBrowsingEnabled,true.
  • SpatialNavigationEnabled,true.
  • Accelerated2dCanvasEnabled,true.
  • AcceleratedCompositingEnabled.
  • AutoLoadImages,true.
  • ScrollAnimatorEnabled,true.
  • DeveloperExtrasEnabled,true.
  • FullScreenSupportEnabled,true.
  • WebGLEnabled,true.
  • JavascriptCanOpenWindows,true.
  • LocalContentCanAccessRemoteUrls, true.

RunIT Browser upgrades to version 0.7

RunIT Browser (QT-version) has received an upgrade. The browser now uses QWebEngine in providing the browser experience. 0.7 version adds tabs support for the browser.Since the transition is hardly ever a smooth thing to do, Open in a New Window and Web Inspector are currently dropped as features. In the future, I seek to bring these features back. The overall functionality is improved and the browser is acting a lot more stable than it previously did. Without further ado, here is a screenshot


Something like below, should be enough.

python-pyqt5.qtwebengine python-pyqt5 ca-certificates

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RunIT browser 0.7 comes with a new refined outlook. Double-click on the empty area to open up a new tab.

Download RunIT Browser 0.7

After downloading remember to make the files executable with chmod +x some_file

Run the browser: python run.py 

RunIT QT on Github.